The Job Offer

Situation vacant: Operative Required, post includes full training, international travel and slight to moderate chance of death. No allergies to animals preferred.

Jennifer Graham has a dead-end job, a grotty apartment and a boyfriend who was last seen skipping town with every cent she owned. An ordinary life, until the night a tall dark stranger breaks into her home, and offers her a job. A secret organisation wants Jennifer, why they will not say, but introduced to a world of myths and monsters, for Jennifer the race is on. Can she learn enough about this new world – and herself – to survive it.

Available on Amazon.UK, Amazon.COM, SMASHWORDS and KOBO.

4 responses to “The Job Offer

  1. Michael

    When are you going to continue the story? Great read…

    • At risk of sounding commercial, that one is on the long finger. In fact the finger of possibly infinite length due to the fact it has never sold that fantastically well. So the argument of where to spend my time, has always favored other projects. Still you never known.

  2. Aaron

    I picked this up after reading the Nameless War trilogy and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it. Thank you.

  3. Neil

    Read this whilst waiting for the last Nameless war novel, and just read it again, enjoyed it just as much the second time around.
    Would be thrilled to see the story continue.

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