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Book Three is coming – update on the Last Charge

Okay, update time.

The Last Charge has now returned to me from my editor. No clangers like the infamous Thurder incident – overlapping names appears to have been my error of choice this time round. Now I have to do another complete read through, just to make sure no problems have wriggled their way in before I start preparing the file. Work has begun on the blurb, with suggestions being bounced off various friends, family and associates. Cover art – still on the to do list.

On the subject of Ships of the Fleet, I’ve rejigged and expanded the histories of the Fortitude and Resolutions to make them line up better. Wrote from scratch the history of the Contact War era battleship Resilient, two never-was designs and I’m now working on the write up for the Titan class. The models for Resilient and the Titans are done. That leaves between now and October, finishing the write up, a couple more basic models for the never-was designs, doing the artwork, pulling the file together. Which will be tough.

On a mildly related note I am now on Goodreads, so feel free to drop in and ask any book related questions that spring to mind.

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