The Ships of the Fleet

In the forty years since First Contact, humanity has gone from a species confined to a single world, to one that has expanded across the stars.

These illustrated guides traces the rise and development of human starships, through years of the Contact War to the present day – covering the shifting technological, strategic and political factors which have influenced the development of these vessels. This fascinating study is an indispensable guide for any student of starship design and fans of the Nameless War series.

Battleships – available on and Amazon.UK

Starcruisers – now available for pre-order on and Amazon.UK


Blog two covers 2


These books cover:


Resilient (Contact War)


Resolution Class

G2 Class Battlecruiser

Titan Class

Warspite Class



Defender Class (Contact War)

Commander Class (Contact War)

Storm Class (Contact War)

Onslaught (Contact War)

River Class

Continental Class


As well as these ships I have a number of types I’ve done, they might be the subject of their own books but since with practice I’ve got steadily better with Sketchup, the older entries maybe upgraded or removed in the future.



Glorious Class



Myth Class

Luna Class



Sparrow Class

Predator Class



K Class Courier

Communications Ship Grace Hopper



The Fuel Industry

Mississippi Incident – Alien Ship Preliminary Tactical Analysis

Weapons in the Battle Fleet Universe

Sky Shield Class Star Fort

Aéllr Vélrre Class Heavy cruiser



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  3. Flor

    Please can I have ships of the war , Douglas map and Baden station map for Christmas easy money for you .

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