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The End is Near

Last weekend was a busy one with final changes to the text, finishing touches to the cover art and tweaking the blurb. This evening will see the first attempt at uploading the text to the Amazon system. I thought I was going to get to it last night but then found that a few things have changed in the upload procedure and decided this was not the sort of thing to tackle 10pm. I’ll go in fresh this evening. I haven’t done a new upload in two years and a couple of things on the Amazon system have changed. There now appears to be a pre-order option which is interesting – watch this space on that. The end however is definitely hoving into view.

I have now have a mailing list, if interested read here

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Announcement – I’ve set up a mailing list.

I’ve been asked a few time whether I have a mailing list and up to now the answer has been no. But with the final run up to book three underway I have decided it is time to get one started. If you would would like to receive email updates from me, please leave a comment at the bottom of on this posting. All postings on this blog have to be moderated by me before they become visible to anyone else. So please put your email address in the comment, which once I have taken a note of it, I will then delete so it doesn’t become visible to anyone else.




PS: A number of people have expressed an interest in being added to the list but haven’t given an email address, so don’t forget to leave me an address – I need something to work with!


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Onward and upward

I’ve finished the last draft of book three. I now have to do the last major adjustment to the text –  basically drop the whole thing into Notepad to strip out all the formatting, along with any nonsense MS Word has seen fit to add and then reformat from start to finish. If you are wondering why I would want to do such a thing, a friend recently also publish a book, one based around Napoleon’s 1812 campaign in Russia. He tried dropping his work directly from Word into the upload program. Somehow it bollixed up the word ‘Cossack’ – which in anything to do with 1812 is going be a word used at least three times per page. So, no avoiding it. Ah well, onwards and upwards.

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Book Three is coming – update on the Last Charge

Okay, update time.

The Last Charge has now returned to me from my editor. No clangers like the infamous Thurder incident – overlapping names appears to have been my error of choice this time round. Now I have to do another complete read through, just to make sure no problems have wriggled their way in before I start preparing the file. Work has begun on the blurb, with suggestions being bounced off various friends, family and associates. Cover art – still on the to do list.

On the subject of Ships of the Fleet, I’ve rejigged and expanded the histories of the Fortitude and Resolutions to make them line up better. Wrote from scratch the history of the Contact War era battleship Resilient, two never-was designs and I’m now working on the write up for the Titan class. The models for Resilient and the Titans are done. That leaves between now and October, finishing the write up, a couple more basic models for the never-was designs, doing the artwork, pulling the file together. Which will be tough.

On a mildly related note I am now on Goodreads, so feel free to drop in and ask any book related questions that spring to mind.

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Update on The Last Charge – Book Three of the Nameless War and other news

The Last Charge

Okay, so where are we up to?

Despite a dose of food poisoning this week saw the hand over of the manuscript for The Last Charge get handed over to my editor so unless he picks up something that has gone horribly, horribly sideways, the October release date is still looking good. In terms of tasks to be completed that leaves me with:

The Blurb (already wip)

The Cover Art (not started but I have some ideas)

Reading the manuscript again once I get it back. (I don’t remember writing this sex scene)

Preparing the file for the various electronic platforms. (Why won’t you work you stupid piece *************)

Preparing the file for the paperback.  (Why won’t you work you even stupider piece *************)

Preparing for the release.

But like I said – looking good.


Other News

As regular visitors are likely aware I have had an ongoing blog project call Ships of the Fleet. Up to now it has been done mostly for my own amusement but I am planning to formalize and expand the material into a short ship guide which I intend to release as an ebook along side Book Three. I don’t know whether there is a market for this kind of material so this project is me testing the water. The subject of the book will be the ‘Battleships of the Fleet’. So far I already have one new model done up with another about a quarter done and the write up has begun. I’ll need to do two more models and go back and look at the three which have already been displayed to freshen them up a bit*.

This does mean that bits of Ships of the Fleet might be disappearing in the future so enjoy them now. However, this is a side project, which means of secondary importance. If time starts getting short, then Book Three comes first.

Okay that’s the new round up complete.




* I recently and finally got round to obtaining a new PC. In the past I would decide a model was done when it got to a level of complexity that caused my old computer to basically stop and have a little cry every time I asked it to do anything.

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Announcement: Book Three of the Nameless War – The Last Charge

So if you have clicked into this post, you are likely a reader of the first two books of the Nameless War. Having presumably enjoyed them you are now wondering when book three – The Last Charge will be out.

The answer is two years – October 2014 to be more exact. Why so long? Well as you maybe aware I am an amateur writer, I have a day job, so writing has to fight for space in my ‘hobbies’ time slot.  Believe me if I could release book three next month I would. But that isn’t an option and in my opinion it is very bad form to promise a delivery date you know you can’t meet. Whatever else I am proud of my first two books and I want to be equally proud of book three, that means writing it well rather than try to write it fast.

In the mean time I plan to continue to put up background information here and I welcome any comments anyone would like to make.

Thank you


NOTE: Just bumping this one up to the top in case people are having problems finding it.


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Onward… to glory!

The old blogging has taken a bit of a hit of late and this one isn’t going to be very long or profound. Currently busy doing (among other things [so many things] ) a read through of the first draft of Book Three.

You might be wondering why I would need to read through my own book. Well book one took me at least three years to get to this stage, while the second one, about two years. That was just the first draft stage1). The reason it took so long was I had a bit of tendency to start tinkering with early chapters, trying to make them ‘perfect’.

This time round I decided to try something different. Basically the don’t look back approach. I have deliberately forced myself not to look back at the chapters already done2), instead I have concentrated on just moving forward. So after just over a year, I’m done; it also means that I haven’t seriously looked at the early chapters in ten plus months. Thus making the read through a bit of a journey into semi familiar ground.

Definitely some weak areas but then that’s first drafts for you. Anyway, onwards and upwards!

1) The first draft of Book One came out at about 65K words – the second about double that. One of my characters was left floating out in space (literally as well as metaphorically) covering what he was getting up to is where most of that word gain came from.

2) Apart from occasionally looking up minor character names.


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