It’s here!

So finally Ships of the Fleet Volume Two is about to hit the digital shelves. Those of you who have it on pre-order are but a few hours away from download. But that isn’t all.

Blog two covers 2

For anyone who hasn’t yet picked up Volume One, on the 1st July, for one day only it will be available for free. Not only that but books one and two of the Nameless War will be on special offer! Can you say fairer than that?

Ships of the fleet can be found:

Battleships – available on and Amazon.UK

Starcruisers – now available for pre-order on and Amazon.UK



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2 responses to “It’s here!

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed both the ships of the fleet and Nameless war books. Really enjoying how well thought out the technical details and history of the fleet are. More please!
    I just have on small question. On the entry for the River class there is are small pods mounted on the flanks of the ship alongside the smaller plasma cannon. I was just wondering what that structure was and why it isn’t present in some of the later images, Amazon post-Dryad and Mississippi in science configuration.

    • As well as the shuttles housed inside the radar towers, the Rivers initially were equipped with a pair of two man work pods similar to those carried on Onslaught. With the class expected to serve well beyond repair facilities, these were considered necessary to allow for maintenance and minor repairs. However the positioning chosen, forward facing on either sides of the hull, level with the forward plasma cannon turrets, meant in service they proved to be too exposed and the pods were regularly damaged by space debris. This combined with the initially sluggish performance of the class, resulted in them soon being removed to improve the power to mass ratio.

      There’s the official reason, nice to know the pictures are being examined. 🙂

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