A Tale of Two TORS. Be Warned, I’m Annoyed

Every so often some great worthy of literature will pop up and tell us all how important it is we support legacy publishing (and incidentally how evil Amazon is) then we come across tails of woe like this.

I’ve off and on followed Girl Genius for about ten years. I in fact met this guy at Loncon in August 2014. In webcomic terms it is in the top division, with a very high quality artwork and an engaging story. To not be able to sell such a comic is fairly breathtaking.

The creators of Girl Genius are in effect lost to old legacy and there’s a good chance anyone who read this blog is as well. Why should any creator jump through hoop to attract the interest of a publisher if manger in which the work is handled after contracts are signed is nothing more than a roll of the dice?

Publishing doesn’t seem to have an answer or even be aware of the question.

Girl Genius Adventures


They are the best of publishers, they are the worst of publishers. It all depends on who you talk to. If you can.

Many know TOR books as a science fiction powerhouse. They publish best selling authors who love them to pieces, and well they should.

Then they publish us. This might be a surprise to many of our readers, as we have been self–publishing Girl Genius and other comical books for over thirty years. But, in fact, TOR is the publisher of the first Girl Genius Omnibus; Agatha Awakens. You see, TOR was thinking about starting up a line of science fiction graphic novels, and told us that they thought having a multiple Hugo Award winner as the launch title would be a nice touch.

We agreed, but had reservations, as we had been selling Girl Genius for over ten years at this point, and didn’t want them to…

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