attaching something blunt and heavy.

Okay there has been a long hiatus on this blog, in part because frankly I’ve had nothing I really wanted to talk about and in part because WordPress has changed things, which in the finest traditions of the computer industry seems to be one step forward for five steps back – ho-hum.

On a mildly related note there was this story on NASA emailing a crescent wench into space. There is no doubt that currently 3D printing is a technology still in its infancy but it is a fascinating infancy. I’ve heard that the US Navy is currently testing the technology aboard some of its ships, where the motions of the ve3ssel are a distinct complicating factor. There are predictions that someday soon every household could have its own 3D printer. I’m not so sure on that one, especially if the manufacturers of paper printers get involved; my HP printer hasn’t seen the light of day in months because the cartridges cost €30 a pop and the ink somehow magically goes ‘off’ after a couple of months. But it is field of space travel where this technology could really come into its own. If the technology can be got to work reliably and can use local materials, then that spares us the difficulty of lugging everything from Earth.

It wasn’t a technology that existed when I started writing the Nameless War (a bit like e-readers), which I guess goes to show that the future will arrive sooner than you expect and won’t be what you expected.

Have a good Christmas folks.



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5 responses to “attaching something blunt and heavy.

  1. Flor

    You have created a fantastic universe with your designs and tales .Have you ever considered opening your work to other authors like Lucas did with the star wars novels .

    • I don’t think I’m quite at Lucas level yet (checks bank balance) nope definitely not.
      To be honest it has never come up. Shared universes, tricky but equally fairly common in science fiction.

      • Flor

        True but I was thinking of a twelve to twenty book next war one book every couple of months the one thing that I dread is that your universe ends up like the honerverse one book every few years .
        If done right you could get as far as comics and cartoons .
        A large addition to your pocket since you are the creator and getting money from everything.

      • Twelve to twenty?! [clutches chest] Every couple of months! Medic!
        Joking aside, I know there are some authors who seem to be able to pop a couple of books out every year. I’m never going to be one of those people, even if I were a full time author (financially not going to happen) I just couldn’t do it. It took me about a year to get The Last Charge to first draft state and another nine months to get it to the point of hand over the editor. In that second period chapters were moved around and in some cases outright dumped it all takes time. There will always be a balance between producing something fast enough yet good enough.
        Comics, now that is an interesting one. I have thought that if you were going to convert to another media comic books would be quite a good fit. However since I don’t read comic books I’m not sure what the market for that kind of material is. Certainly it would involve seeking a partnership, probably another writer and definitely an artist. But an interesting thought.

  2. Flor

    True that is my point it takes most authors two years to write a book at least so multiple authors are the only way to get a massive story told .There is a large amount of authors writing part time because of Amazon and if two ar three of the better ones like yourself combined to create a series of books intrerelated in the same universe it would be fantastic .
    Think if three small fan bases combined it would triple your takings straight away for little extra work simply because all their fans will buy all the books.

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