Announcement – I’ve set up a mailing list.

I’ve been asked a few time whether I have a mailing list and up to now the answer has been no. But with the final run up to book three underway I have decided it is time to get one started. If you would would like to receive email updates from me, please leave a comment at the bottom of on this posting. All postings on this blog have to be moderated by me before they become visible to anyone else. So please put your email address in the comment, which once I have taken a note of it, I will then delete so it doesn’t become visible to anyone else.




PS: A number of people have expressed an interest in being added to the list but haven’t given an email address, so don’t forget to leave me an address – I need something to work with!


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9 responses to “Announcement – I’ve set up a mailing list.

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  2. Bo Ege Andresen

    Please ad me to the mailing list.

    Regards from a Danish reader.

    • Please leave an email address or otherwise I have nothing to work with.

    • Ed Beatty

      Good morning,
      Started with the third volume of the “Nameless Trilogy” and stopped at the 40% level to purchase the first two volumes in the series. Needless to say I enjoyed them and do not consider the series “space opera.” I consider the term ” space opera” insulting when used to discribe select authors and will include you in this catagory.
      Please continue to work in your intriguing near-future universe.
      Ed Beatty

      • Ed Beatty

        Good morning,
        So it has required only three plus years for me to figure out that I failed to leave an e-mail address.
        Just finished reading the the”Nameless Trilogy” for the second time and found a few subtleties that I did not accurately interpret the first time. Obviously I enjoyed my recent session and will again rate your novel at five plus Amazon stars. If you ever revisit your “Nameless” universe consider raising the price per e-book.
        Ed Beatty

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