The winning typo of Book Three (I hope)

Typos: the bane and torment of the self publishers. Book Three has now gone through, multiple edits by me, plus through two test readers, a professional editor, one final proofreader who hadn’t seen any of it before and still the on one creeps through.

This week I think I’ve found the winning typo for book three (at least I hope I have). There’s a line where a character is drifting off to sleep and it is supposed to read ‘his eyes flickered shut’ except the U from shut was an I.

Whoops. That character might want to see a doctor about that!



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5 responses to “The winning typo of Book Three (I hope)

  1. Considering all the probable awesome battles happening around him, I wouldn’t be surprised he’s indeed flickering the I instead of the U. 🙂

  2. sam

    So does that mean you will publish it tomorrow?

  3. ken

    epic typo……….i kinda would like that to be left in just because its so epic.

  4. Biskit

    Will we have a thread for the typo that does make the final release? If any make it that are as epic as that one then while there may be a bit of embarrassment on your behalf it will be funny as a word beginning with f and involving your rogue u

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