I ain’t dead!

Okay, there hasn’t been any entries on my blog for a few weeks and first off, I’m not dead*. I’ve been busy working on the forth draft of book three – what I call the read through draft. This is the product of a hint I picked up at a writing convention and while I might have mentioned it before, it is such a good hint it is worth repeating.

Basically I have a hard copy of my manuscript and digital copy uploaded to my kindle. I use the text to speech function on the kindle, then follow it as it reads on the hard copy. It is a great technique for finding those small errors like skipped words, wrong words, repeated words and those strange moments where my consciousness obviously just wandered off while I was writing. Obviously it doesn’t catch them all** but it does whittle out a lot of them.

Until next time.





* I think – I work in accounts so it is sometimes hard to tell.

** This blog is in no way affiliated with pokemon


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2 responses to “I ain’t dead!

  1. Grant Stevenson

    I am pleased you are not dead, otherwise I would have to kill you for not releasing book 3. I eagerly await the next installment. Hope the proof reading goes well, looking forward to reading it in October (if that is still the release ?).

    • Yep Grant,

      Still one track for October. You’ll know if that has slipped if at some point in the next couple of months if you hear a distant scream of pure torment. 🙂

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