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Whiff of something stale

Something from the big wide web:

MGM, Warner Bros Reboot ‘Stargate’ By MIKE FLEMING JR | First it was Cliffhanger, and now MGM and Warner Bros. announced they are teaming with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin to create a re-imagined trilogy based on the sci-fi hit Stargate, one of the biggest titles in the MGM library. Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original 1994 film with Devlin, is on board to direct this one, with Devlin producing. Those two are already hard at work on a new version of Independence Day at Fox.


Write MGM’s Gary Barber called Emmerich and Devlin “world-class creators of the original Stargate,” and said they will “bring their reinvigorated vision of this wildly popular property to audiences of multiple generations.” gateSaid Emmerich and Devlin: “The Stargate universe is one that we missed terribly, and we cannot wait to get going on imagining new adventures and situations for the trilogy. This story is very close to our hearts, and getting the chance to revisit this world is in many ways like a long lost child that has found its way back home.” MGM’s Jonathan Glickman will oversee it with Warner Bros’ Greg Silverman. Warners will distribute with MGM handling some international territories. Back in its day, Stargate set the record for highest October gross and did near $200 million in global ticket sales. It went on to have a very successful run as a syndicated TV series.

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So yet another reboot that is about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. The thing is I enjoyed Stargate in all its forms (well nearly all, I’ve heard there was a cartoon never seen it though) but not uncritically. The original movie had a certain cheesy charm but when you get right down to it, the TV series really became greater than its sire. But that said, SG1 overstayed its welcome by at least two seasons and while Atlantis was okay it was never more than that. The franchise tried to go in a new direction with Universe, which had a go at being SG’s DS9 but was choked off by the fan boys who were apparently looking for the franchise’s version of Voyager.

My point is Stargate had had a damn good run. But the word is had, as in past tense. I want something new. There have been a few fresh idea in film and television recent years but they’ve been cancelled or written off as a failures before I even heard of half of them. So I have no enthusiasm to see resources being poured into a project like this, because while this thing is probably two or three years from seeing the light of day, from where I’m standing it already smells stale.

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This is just a shout for my friend Jan van Embden who has published his first book: Berezina. A historical novel set around  of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. Apparently my self publishing success encouraged him to try his hand, which is nice – normally I get counted as a warning to others 🙂


On Amazon UK and Amazon.COM

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I ain’t dead!

Okay, there hasn’t been any entries on my blog for a few weeks and first off, I’m not dead*. I’ve been busy working on the forth draft of book three – what I call the read through draft. This is the product of a hint I picked up at a writing convention and while I might have mentioned it before, it is such a good hint it is worth repeating.

Basically I have a hard copy of my manuscript and digital copy uploaded to my kindle. I use the text to speech function on the kindle, then follow it as it reads on the hard copy. It is a great technique for finding those small errors like skipped words, wrong words, repeated words and those strange moments where my consciousness obviously just wandered off while I was writing. Obviously it doesn’t catch them all** but it does whittle out a lot of them.

Until next time.





* I think – I work in accounts so it is sometimes hard to tell.

** This blog is in no way affiliated with pokemon


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