Writing when you’re INSPIRED!

There’s that old saying that everyone has a book in them. Personally I’ve never believed it. Now I do think anyone who reads has a book in them but maybe that’s just splitting hairs.

There another saying that might not be as old but one I do believe. It runs thus: only writing when you are inspired is fine – just as long as you are inspired every day.

Getting into the writing ‘zone’ is time consuming.  Writing is more time consuming. Good writing is… Well I’m sure you’ve worked out the pattern.

The reason I say this, is that at the moment I’m having a bit of an attack of real life: which is probably going to go on for the next few months. But if I plan to get anywhere with the writing then I have to keep writing during this.

That’s the thing with writing, if you plan to do it, then you have just to do. None of this Inspiration nonsense, just crack on.



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4 responses to “Writing when you’re INSPIRED!

  1. sam

    So any closer to book 3?

    • Yep, three quarters of the way through third draft. So that just leaves fourth draft, sending to editor, preparing file, book cover, blub, set up of paperback… (bangs head against desk)

  2. Michelle Mueller

    Yes, so true! As my friend always says, “Writers write. Wannabes plan to write.” We have to write no matter what, every day. If we waited for inspiration to strike, we’d never get anywhere. Often inspiration comes while we’re writing, anyway.

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