Announcement: Book Three of the Nameless War – The Last Charge

So if you have clicked into this post, you are likely a reader of the first two books of the Nameless War. Having presumably enjoyed them you are now wondering when book three – The Last Charge will be out.

The answer is two years – October 2014 to be more exact. Why so long? Well as you maybe aware I am an amateur writer, I have a day job, so writing has to fight for space in my ‘hobbies’ time slot.Β  Believe me if I could release book three next month I would. But that isn’t an option and in my opinion it is very bad form to promise a delivery date you know you can’t meet. Whatever else I am proud of my first two books and I want to be equally proud of book three, that means writing it well rather than try to write it fast.

In the mean time I plan to continue to put up background information here and I welcome any comments anyone would like to make.

Thank you


NOTE: Just bumping this one up to the top in case people are having problems finding it.


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28 responses to “Announcement: Book Three of the Nameless War – The Last Charge

  1. Paul Gray

    I really enjoyed the last 2 books and waiting 2 years seems a little long, but I would rather wait for quality than settle for second best just for the sake of speed πŸ™‚

    • Of course if I make good progress then the release might be moved forward but I think that within reason better to sacrifice speed for quality. EuroCon 2014 is on here in Dublin; it would be nice if it were ready for then. But we will see.

  2. I have enjoyed both books so far, I want to read the third book ASAP but would urge you to maintain the quality rather than churn out something that doesn’t continue the same quality as the first two.

  3. T Crowe

    Hi, love your style of writing for the Nameless War books so far – I hate it when a sci-fi book goes too far into trying to explain technobabble, when I just want to get on with the story! Can’t wait for the third one πŸ˜€

  4. J McCaul

    Hi Edmond, I really enjoyed your first 2 books. The nameless got me into reading sci-fi on my kindle in a big way so for that I have to thank you.

    I’m not sure you know about this but there’s a thing called kickstarter that you can use to fund future projects. Its pretty sweet and I already know some amateur writers who use it.

    • I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed that’s always very satisfying hear. I have heard of Kickstarter, the thing is I don’t think it is something that at the moment is of any use for me for few reasons. First that the moment my fan base is pretty small so it’s unlikely that a Kickstarter project would be successful. Secondly and less mercenary, money isn’t the issue, I simply need time, even if I could give up the day job I would still need time. Finally at the moment I couldn’t use Kickstarter – I’m not a US or UK resident. Still it is very interesting and something to keep an eye on for the future. Thanks for commenting.

  5. R Liddle

    Hi Edmond brilliant books so far, I don’t feel that your fan base is as small as you think. I look forward to reading your third book as and when you release it!

  6. Echo what various people have said, i.e. really enjoyed the first two books, but would rather wait to October 2014 (sob), than get a rush job

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  8. Ron C

    Hi Edmond, I have been reading Science Fiction for 45 years and I could not put your books down. I just finished book two. While I am greatly disappointed that it will be more than a year for book three I will be looking forward to it. Continue the great work

  9. Hi Edmond, I just wanted to say that I read both books in a matter of days and really enjoyed them. I recently got the kindle app any came across your books by chance and am very glad I decided to give them a go. Well done on a great accomplishment and I look forward to The Last Charge

  10. Anderson

    Kudos to you for waiting to do the job correctly. There have been quite a few authors I’ve read of late that have had some success at their first book and each following book came along both more quickly and with less quality. I will wait, and you can expect my purchase upon release. Also, know that there are many of us out here cheering you on.

  11. Johan Hogsander

    Thanks for two excellent books, far superior to most of the other military scifi out there – look forward to book three.

  12. Steve Parker

    I can hardly wait for the third book. You are a good writer and an excellent storyteller! You have crafted a universe that is believable, and filled with real people. When it is done I am going to buy it and devour it as quickly as I did the first two. Keep up the fine work.

  13. Always worth waiting for something good. Enjoyed the first two emensily, looking forward to the third one.

  14. cccccc

    Just read the first two, and really enjoyed them…I look forward to the third! Thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Phil Davies

    Luckily for me I have just had the pleasure of finding/finishing the first two books in The Namless War trilogy so I only have a few weeks to wait.
    both books were fantastic and I am eagerly looking forward to The Last Charge.

  16. Sean

    Glad to hear that the book is on its way even if it is going to be a while. But quality takes time.

  17. daniel brichta

    Love your books! ItΒ΄s unusual to find such complete debut series and I wish you luck. If you need beta readers just wistle;)

  18. Roger

    The first book is directly to blame for my late nights playing “sins of a solar empire” on my PC. A game I had put to rest some years ago. A good read, just started the second and glad that I, at least, haven’t got to wait as long as some others have. I like your technical ideas and the shortcomings of them. Some of them have clearly been bouncing around in your head for a while. Hope the progress is good. No pressure πŸ™‚

  19. Roger

    Oh, uy the way. I have enjoyed looking around at your illustrations (point defence looks like phalanx), any chance you have anything on the nameless ships? Cheers

    • Hi Roger, Glad to hear you are enjoying it so far, it is encouraging to know book three’s arrival is keenly awaited. You are right phalanx was the inspiration for at least one point defence design and I’ve taken a lot of cues from various other real world sources. I haven’t done any Nameless designs yet mostly for technical reasons. My old computer can barely cope with the flat paneled human designs and the more rounded look I have in mind for the Nameless would probably cause it to melt. Still a hardware update is in the future so watch this space (no pud intended).

      • Roger

        Good to hear. By the way, the goal keeper system is MUCH better than phalanx. It assess multiple targets size, speed and attack vector and then prioritises each threat. It then allocates a number of rounds to the target and moves on. If those rounds havent done the job, then it will come back and give it a few more. The rounds are bigger, has a higher rounds per minute rate but uses less of them, as apposed to the “wall of lead” that phalanx uses. (Just in case you didnt know and you also appear to have an interest). Halfway through book 2 and will be gutted when i’ve finished it.

      • I’d be a bit hazy on the modern stuff. My area of interest would be from about 1860 to 1945, with British two pounder octuple pom-pom being my favorite AA gun (not the best I know but it looked impressive). I am thinking about pulling together and formalizing Ships of the Fleet of the Fleet, but Book Three comes first, everything else will have to wait its turn.

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