Got the following email this week from my editor:

“It’s only a small point but I’ve noticed that one of the ships in the story is called “Thurder”. You’ve consistently called it this so it’s clearly not a typo. I mention it because it’s uncomfortably close to “Turder” (as in dog turds) – also if you Google it the top answer defines thurder as “a word that relates to the nasal opening (the nose hole(s)) in a sexual way.”

I therefore suggest it might be an idea to call it something else. How about Thunder?.”

Frankly – whoops! It was meant to be called Thunder. I think I had a Find and Replace All mishap when I was applying the convention that ship names are give in Italics. This ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, is why editors are a necessity rather than an option.


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  1. Copy editors make good writing great!

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