An intro and a start

Hello everyone, my name is Edmond and I’m a procrastinator. Okay there probably isn’t a Procrastinators Anonymous – insert obvious joke here – but if there was I would probably have to consider joining. Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for about the last twelve months and even when I got as far as signing up with wordpress, another week passed before I did anything else.

My primary method of avoiding that which I do not wish to do, is find something less undesirable to do instead (do my tax return or… hey, those windows look like they could do with a wash) I suppose part of it is that the start of anything isn’t likely to be your best work. You like to think that as soon as you start, you’ll make immediate progress towards the end of the task. But in reality – no. As this pertains to writing it means that first couple of pages at the start of each chapter are always the hardest. Assuming everything isn’t simply block deleted the next day, those words you’ve laboured today over will slowly be chipped away during the editing process, until in the end, little or nothing remains of the original sentences and paragraphs. Now hopefully they’ll have been replaced with better ones but right now, you are facing up to the fact that the work in your immediate future won’t ultimately amount to anything. So instead the whole thing is put on the back burner until the day you finally realize that things can’t be put off any further.

Happily though, procrastination can’t be made to work for you. Very occasionally, very, very occasionally, the problem solves itself and you can pat yourself on the back for work successfully avoided. Mostly it doesn’t, but if you have been thinking about it, you may have worked out the solutions to some of the problems you’ll face. More often you’ve convinced yourself that the whole thing will be terrible, so when you actually get off your backside and start, it isn’t anywhere as bad as you thought. Like for example starting blog.

My name is Edmond and I’ve made a start.

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