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Dodging the self publishing draft.

If you have the slightest interest in the subject of writing it’s been hard to miss that in the last couple of years there has been a revolution in publishing.  With e-readers and print on demand, self publishing has become a practical means of reaching out to anything up to a global audience. Obviously all writers welcome this development… well… no.

Self publishing has always been a part of the publishing world, in much the same way the mad aunty locked in the attic is part of the family.  Often given the derisive labeled vanity press, it was the last refuge for the desperate, the deluded and the determined.  Self publishing did enjoy some success, during the nineteen century some well known authors chose it to maintain control over their work. Even in the modern age there were success stories, but those stories ended the same way, ie he/she was then offered a contract by X publishing company. Mostly the self publisher was likely to be defeated by need to hawk their book around individual bookshops and automatic assumption of low quality. Kindle Direct Publishing has changed that probably forever. Now the would be self publisher can sidestep the various gatekeepers of old system and reach out the book buying public from the comfort of their own home, with few up front costs. Even for the established writer who has come up through the old system this seems to offer great potential advantages. If their publisher doesn’t offer a good enough deal, they can potentially take their readership and go.

Strangely not all of them it that way. Look around the internet and it isn’t hard to find those denouncing the new wave of self publishing. I have even come across one unpleasant individual who will remain nameless in the flesh who ranted about people putting up their cr*p and how terrible this was. However on the self publishing side all is not sweetness and light, just as self publishing was labeled as vanity publishing, its adherents label traditional publishing ‘legacy publishing’.  With some equally forthright and intolerant views being applied to those writer who go down that route – most memorable being the one who describe traditional publishing as being for people who need their hands held. Even less rational is the criticism of those who cross the front-line. Those who go from self-pub to traditional are described as deluded sell outs, while those who go the opposite way virtual class traitors.  It’s applying what is in my opinion a concept of illogical purity to what is a very practical subject.

Obviously since I’m a self publisher, I don’t regard it as the great threat to civilization but equally, I think there is a place in the future for traditional future and I’m not alone.  Increasingly established authors are looking to have have a presence  in self publishing – although they prefer to call it Independent Publishing – and I think that says a lot about the future. Those who cling to one extreme or the other will find themselves hamstrung. I know certainly if at some point in the future I find myself being offered a contract, I was take a long hard look and take the option that makes business sense.

So this is why you will need hear me decry traditional publishing as a concept.

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An intro and a start

Hello everyone, my name is Edmond and I’m a procrastinator. Okay there probably isn’t a Procrastinators Anonymous – insert obvious joke here – but if there was I would probably have to consider joining. Starting a blog has been on my to-do list for about the last twelve months and even when I got as far as signing up with wordpress, another week passed before I did anything else.

My primary method of avoiding that which I do not wish to do, is find something less undesirable to do instead (do my tax return or… hey, those windows look like they could do with a wash) I suppose part of it is that the start of anything isn’t likely to be your best work. You like to think that as soon as you start, you’ll make immediate progress towards the end of the task. But in reality – no. As this pertains to writing it means that first couple of pages at the start of each chapter are always the hardest. Assuming everything isn’t simply block deleted the next day, those words you’ve laboured today over will slowly be chipped away during the editing process, until in the end, little or nothing remains of the original sentences and paragraphs. Now hopefully they’ll have been replaced with better ones but right now, you are facing up to the fact that the work in your immediate future won’t ultimately amount to anything. So instead the whole thing is put on the back burner until the day you finally realize that things can’t be put off any further.

Happily though, procrastination can’t be made to work for you. Very occasionally, very, very occasionally, the problem solves itself and you can pat yourself on the back for work successfully avoided. Mostly it doesn’t, but if you have been thinking about it, you may have worked out the solutions to some of the problems you’ll face. More often you’ve convinced yourself that the whole thing will be terrible, so when you actually get off your backside and start, it isn’t anywhere as bad as you thought. Like for example starting blog.

My name is Edmond and I’ve made a start.

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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